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From CultureMob

"From the moment the first track Disarray hits your ears, Seattle’s Copper Kings grab with you some great pop hooks on their new CD, Hellos and Goodbyes, and don’t let up. It was perfect driving music as I headed up to the Skagit Valley over the weekend and I just let it play up and back.


It’s no surprise to me that they cite bands like the Wallflowers, Weezer and the Counting Crows as either influences or what they like themselves, because that’s the territory they’re in. That being said, two of my favorite tracks, Best Laid Plans and Am I Too Late, both surprisingly reminded me a bit of one of my go-to bands, Canadian alt-country group Blue Rodeo. For me, there wasn’t a weak track in the eclectic set..."



From Absolute Powerpop

"This Seattle band has a driving power pop style that sounds more like the Heartland than the Pacific Northwest. Similar to First in Space and Daylight Titans, they grab your ears with the leadoff track "Disarray", a propulsive rocker that doesn't let go. "Am I Too Late" is anthemic in quality, and the midtempo "January 1" is another winner. Other standouts include the jangly/alt-country-ish "Best Laid Plans", the Collective Soul-esque "Turn Away", and the excellent closer "Forever Someone Else", which has a Gin Blossoms quality about it. Wondering where they got their name? According to Wikipedia, the real-life Copper Kings were three wealthy industrialists "known for the epic battles they fought in Butte, Montana and the surrounding region during the Gilded Age over the control of the local copper mining industry". All I can say is give these Copper Kings a shot in the epic battle for control of your iPod."



From NotLame.com

"A band I normally don`t go for, but certainly do with here with this material. Working in the territory of such bands as The Wallflowers, Counting Crows and more modern ones like Augustana, it`s a style rock that is certainly popular but not what hits most who hang out on the Not Lame site. Ahhhh, life`s sweet surprises always happen and, here, there`s just something so that hits me very right from The Copper Kings all over "Hellos And Goodbyes". I get the feeling that the band have spent some time listening to records recorded before 1995 and while you`ve heard the templates of these melodies and hooks before, you will be hard-pressed to find a stronger, more adept articulation of that template than here. Song after song hits with (sometimes overly) earnest vocals, sharp, clear guitar lines and melodies that glide effortlessly along. The band understand hooks `n melodies. After three listens, I find myself pulled in and consistently enjoying all the offerings on "Hellos And Goodbyes". "

"...Very Highly Recommended!"