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About The Copper Kings


The Copper Kings are:

Phil Austin (ASCAP): Vocals, Guitar

Chris Villasenor: Drums, Vocals

Charlie Bendock: Bass, Vocals

Matthew Peteshel: Guitar, Vocals




The Copper Kings' music has been described as an upbeat modern blend of the past four decades of American Radio Rock.  The wide landscape of The Copper Kings' 2009 debut release "Hellos and Goodbyes" stretches from crunchy guitars with emotionally charged lyrics, to the more contemplative and catchy mid-tempo songs describing what it's like to be in and out of love.  Flirting with a multitude of styles and genres, it's clear that The Copper Kings draw their eclectic influences from as many successful radio artists as there are songs on "Hellos and Goodbyes."  While blurring the lines between genres, The Copper Kings maintain the common thread of a strong pop sensibility that is sure to have you waking up the next morning still singing the songs.




The Copper Kings are a Seattle based band which came together in 2008 out of a love for both modern and classic American rock with an affinity for solid pop hooks.  Frontman/songwriter Phil Austin and drummer/backup vocalist Chris Villasenor had formerly worked together and found they had a common penchant for music ranging from Indie to arena, 70’s to 2000’s and Metal to Pop…as long as it had great singable melodies and enormous guitar or vocal hooks. Friends from the age of 9, Charlie Bendock and Phil Austin reconnected after a chance meeting at the local grocery store, and in short succession an experienced bassist and third voice was added to the band. In 2010, longtime friend of the Austins Matthew Peteshel joined the band, bringing a new tinge of alt-country and classic rock to the band's sound as well as a new electricity to the live shows.


Hellos and Goodbyes was recorded in 2009 at Keene Sound Studio in Seattle and was co-produced by Phil Austin and Max Keene.  Independently released on October 26th 2009, the album has met with excellent reviews and impressive distribution through CDBaby.com and iTunes, with songs “Disarray” and “Am I Too Late” garnering particular interest and acclaim.  The band’s favorite quote thus far was that Disarray “…has a hook that’s 4 miles wide!!”